Riley-Madison's Target Toy Finds

Riley is constantly changing and discovering new things as every kid does. One week she’s into stickers and band-aids and the next she’s into dinosaurs.

This week she is into traveling, suitcases, and all things make-up. She pulls around her suitcase everywhere she goes.


I found this one at target and she is absolutely in love with it.


Since I went from a stay at home mom to blogger, I am on my laptop non-stop and she has gravitated towards it and wants to open it up and fake type as well. Just like mommy!


I found one part of the set as well.

As she is super into make-up, I thought this vanity is so perfect. I have purchased few different vanities for her but it seems like that only wants the one with her Disney princesses on it.


She carries this cell-phone with her and her keys everywhere. She has a little purse and acts like she is talking on the cell-phone all the time.