First off,

I always say a fed baby is a happy baby. 

I made the decision if I was able to produce milk I was going to do whatever it took to breast feed Riley. When I was in the hospital, I struggled with breastfeeding bad. I had so many people come in and show me the football technique, taco the boob, a boppy pillow, I mean everything. 

As soon as I got home my mom made me drink this rice drink that had tons of rice blended. Cinnamon, almond milk. And sweetner. She said I needed as many carbs as I could get to produce milk. 

I got mastsis as soon as I started breastfeeding the first week. It was brutal.

So if there’s one thing is, its painful, difficult, and if your baby doesn’t want to latch its very discouraging. 

I have attached things that have helped me while breast feeding for the first time and for 20 months of her life. 

Mind you, she never had a bottle in her life. She was solely and exclusively breast-fed.